You choose, you read, you interpret …

Happy Angel Message Monday! I am swapping things up a tad and inviting you to physically choose a card. Choose one below, click the arrow on the image, and tune into what of the message resonates with you. As always I would LOVE to hear … post in the comments below!





10 thoughts on “You choose, you read, you interpret …”

  1. Deborah DeWitt

    This was such a fun way to choose! I actually closed my eyes and followed the energy pull and received the Abundance and Prosperity Card! Soooo perfectly matched and timed! Thank you so much!

    1. Oooooooo that is a fun way to do it!!!!!! I am going to try and see if I get something different! Big love Deb, and I KNOW that card is in complete alignment for you. YOU ACCEPT ONLY THE BEST TO HAPPEN AND SO IT DOES! XO

  2. I also picked the Abundance and Prosperity Card! Abundance comes to me in many ways, for example this weekend I won a pair of gold earring and my name was chosen in a raffle and I won a pizza coupon. Both have value and I accepted with open arms and gratitude. To balance it out I’ll think of ways to give back this week!

    1. WHOA!!!! Such goodness here ladies!!!! Maria you are RIGHT in tune. It comes in ALL WAYS, and ALWAYS! Thank you for sharing how it found it’s way to you, and being an inspiring example! I think you were actually being compensated for all you already give!!! HELLLOOOO elderberry syrup! XO

    1. 😀 Great news!!! Everyone is going for abundance! I personally got creativity at random but I do love everyone moving towards prosperous energy! Yahoo!!

    1. Of course you did!!! Back left corner from the door is Wealth and Prosperity! A great way to nurture there!!!! Everyone is riding the abundance train!

  3. I selected the Light card. The heart torch Very appropriate for me!
    Also have two lamps ordered that i am waiting on..and two halogen light bulbs in my coat pocket that need replacing.

    1. HI GALE!! I am thrilled to hear it resonated, and happy for your vibration that you are replacing lights and lamps and getting things moving in your home! XO Thanks for this share and sending you love!

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