Angel Message Monday: We are in a new energy. Are you feeling it?

If you are feeling the need for change and transformation, you are sensitive. That is the current energetic happening!

Saturday brought a new astrological cycle, and while I always feel a new shift at the lunar new year, some people even feel called to celebrate their new year via the zodiac season.

Well ARIES season is upon us and that marks the beginning of a whole new astrological cycle!

Don’t play it safe. Think adventure and spontaneity.

Think about sharing your deepest feelings and get comfortable in the uncomfortable.

Finally- I invite you to think about a big, super juicy birthing coming your way.

How can you harmonize with that? I am going to show you how and walk you through it step by step during the Aries New Moon.

That happens Sunday, April 11th, and on Monday, April 12th I am going on a week-long, value-based, super clear goal-setting journey: THE EMBODIED EMPATH EXPERIENCE.

You will have a blank canvas that’s available to you for identifying and locking in intentions you want to see come to fruition. Until that time, spend time clearing out what doesn’t work, reflecting and meditating on being, and practicing rituals and habits that support you.

If LEAPING into a life of understanding, shifting, healing, and aligning are something you are wanting and ready for, please save the date, click the link below to get the updates, and join me!

You will have access to a private online members area, daily lives with me and my very entertaining husband, and accountability if you want it!

The seed is now planted, and one month from now, I am going to help you supercharge it in an expansive way! HUGE LOVE to you! XO



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