Angel Message Monday: Appreciating and sharing LOVE!

We had the Full Moon in Libra this past weekend. Did you feel the call to focus on relationships, balance, sharing, and communication?!

I know I certainly did! From a bit of love note and flower gift from my fave little angel girl to organizing for more balance in our home to spending weekend time with my love, relationships, sharing, and harmony were in the air!

The moon cycle works in a six-month flow. Six months ago, on the Libra New Moon in October, my husband and I set big intentions in “Making Miracles in Moonvember!”

If you joined us – look back to what your intentions and miracle wishes were! Now is the time to assess your progress!

Either way, we can all look back to October and assess the intentions and thoughts we were having. All that we focused on is blossoming now! The changes made and intentions Mario and I focused on are in full force today!

We LOVE creating together, and we are doing it again on the next New Moon and will share those juicy updates too!

If you are ready to set big goals, join us again in April for our Aries New Moon journey beginning, Sunday, April 11th, for THE EMBODIED EMPATH EXPERIENCE.

You will have a blank canvas that’s available to you for identifying and locking in intentions you want to see come to fruition. Until that time, spend time clearing out what doesn’t work, reflecting and meditating on being, and practicing rituals and habits that support you.

You will have access to a private online members area, daily lives with me and my very entertaining husband, and accountability if you want it!

We are looking forward to helping you expansively supercharge your goals! HUGE LOVE to you! XO



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