RYEE ® Wisdom Cards: Feng Shui With Your Angels

RYEE® Wisdom Cards Course

‘Raise Your External Energy’: Feng Shui with Your Angels


RYEE ® Wisdom Cards are infused with love, angels, and Feng Shui! The images are the essence of earth angel light beings, the words will guide you to your truth, and the process is one that is ever evolving. 

Using the 44 these cards, you will be able to: 

  • Receive angel messages
  • Use the people on the cards as mirror to your life
  • Apply Feng Shui to your spaces
  • Understand your personal element

There is an accompanying guidebook that will help you to interpret the cards. My goal however with this short course, is that you can eventually do so without the book!


Welcome! Start Here.



I like to advise to ground your energy before using your cards.
If you need a grounding process, please use this meditation below:


Always set an intention before you use the cards. You can use your own invocation or meditation, calling in any spiritual help you wish. I welcome you to use and modify the following invocation and make it work for you:

Thank you Source and Angels for bringing forward messages of light. Thank you Archangel Michael for stepping forward as the gatekeeper today, ensuring only messages of love are delivered, and sweeping away any lower vibrations while conducting this connection. Thank you Archangel Jophiel for bringing forward messages to help guide me to beautify my thoughts, life, and home with Feng Shui. Thank you Archangel Gabriel for helping to clear the way to my best life now. Thank you spirit team and angels surrounding me for helping me to clearly see, hear, feel, and know. I am thankful that this connection stays in the highest vibration always for the better good. And so it is.

With three big, deep belly breaths in, allow a number to come to your mind, shuffle that many times, and use the below to help you connect! HAVE FUN! 

Angel Messages

While each card in the deck has an angel on the card, it is open for YOUR interpretation. Take note when your eye is snagged to the angelic figure, orb, or light on the card. 

The Lightworkers

Each card in this deck features a person, people, or an animal!

You can also use these as symbols to deepen your intuition. 

Feng Shui Messages

This section will help you to better use your deck of cards to assist you with Feng Shui in your home or office.

Each card has a Feng Shui tip at the bottom of the card.

The Elements

There are five cards in the deck that have elements; earth, fire, metal, water, and wood. These cards can provide pertinent information for you and your space.


Thank you for allowing me on your journey!

It is a sincere pleasure and honor. This work has been so incredibly moving for me. I went from the hot mess express lane, into a manifestoress life I couldn’t have even dreamed up if I tried.
I hope you find this path to be as transformative, effective, positive, and FUN as I have!! 

If you want to journey on, and develop your intuition to reach magnificent new heights, check out my angel infused, tarot certification course!