Angel Message Monday: Merry Holiday if you celebrate!


We are still feeling the energy of this past Full Moon. Harnessing the energy we can wrap up this year in love (check out the five questions to contemplate, link below).

And this week as it is in a waning gibbous, it is time to rid of some bad habits, say goodbye to stresses, stop complaining and playing victim, and release negative thinking.

What is the little bitty shitty committee in your head saying? Put it to rest! It’s an old old story (and one that might not even be yours, but passed down).

If forgiveness is up (and especially if you choose the card in Angel Message Monday that highlights it), do forgiveness work. I am sharing my tried and true one right down below.

Finally, if you are celebrating the holidays this week, use any triggers, feedbacks, and emotional situations to learn. They are all happening for us, not to us!

If you do celebrate Christmas, Merry Holiday … may it be full of joy! XO

Now … onward to Angel Message Monday!




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