Angel Message Monday: The Last Quarter Moon TOMORROW {1.25} Nudges us to LET GO!


I have been diving into Forgiveness in #14– talk about release! WHOA! (Link below if you want to check that out).

I have been making space for the new, in 2022, and feeling the good vibes! I am decluttering, releasing, and making way for the Lunar New Year.

Over the weekend, I announced that was all in prep for MOON CYCLE RESTART! Check it out by clicking below!

It’s a two-hour intensive, to help kick off the Lunar New Year by setting fresh goals, and aligning with our natural rhythms. You can join me on the Aquarius New Moon!

If you would like accountability and inspired moon cycle living planning, I invite you to join this double dose of goodness on Lunar New Year’s Eve, to connect to the energy of the moon in a way that acts as a GPS helping you to create clear next steps, and kickstart 2022 with a fresh and aligned new outlook.

I am dedicated to creating a safe space for you to dream big, address your fears, and set intentions, as you think about the next lunar year to come.

This will be on January 31st, 2022, at 1 PM CST. AND as a bonus, I am adding a Q&A cliff note version the following week, to ensure all of your questions are answered.

If you are interested, check it out here, ask any questions, and Embody One members, don’t forget to use your member-only coupon code!

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