Angel Message Monday: Set an Intention for a BIG (or Small) Leap Forward!


The new moon in September falls on Monday the 6th, and peaks at 7:52 p.m. CST (TODAY)!

At this time, there are two sides to what we are experiencing subtly—compassion or agony.

Suppose we let ourselves live from the subconscious and ego mind, choosing wine, victim mentality, and complaining as our self-care regimen, we’ll most likely continue to experience distress.

We can achieve alignment when we open ourselves up to more love, kindness, and empathy.

All new moons are the start of a new lunar cycle and a time to set new intentions with the inward flow of energy that is here for us.

This one, in particular, promises when we align with the opportunity, we’ll leap forward. Whether that leap is big or small is up to us.

To tune into five things we can do for our energy and our bodies at this time, to help us align and come into further embodiment with the help of this new moon, and leap forward in love, read : September New Moon: 5 Bullet Points to help us Align & Boom Forward.”

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