If you are seeing this, my guess is you, your child, or a child you know, is highly sensitive. The world has known about the Rainbow, Crystal, and Indigo generations for quite some time. We have taken note of their special awareness, and now it is time we take action, and empower them to lead the way. 

If you notice your child feels intensely, hears things louder than “normal,” sees things that others may not, and knows things that others far beyond their age don’t, they just may fall into one of the following three categories of highly sensitive youth.  This may even include yourself!

The Rainbow Generation

  • Children of ultimate truth
  • Their eyes move at times, looking at things you can not see
  • They mention seeing various colors in the sky, or feeling tingles
  • They may complain the music is too loud
  • Loves to be in nature and outside
  • Can sit longer than you in meditation
  • Fearless and a lover
  • Enjoys doing things for people, and infinitely gives
  • Trusting, sometimes almost too much

The Crystal Generation

  • Has a nurturing nature
  • Instructs others on “how to”
  • An old soul
  • Beautiful large eyes
  • May have developed late, started talking later than others
  • Happy, lighthearted, and enjoyable to be around
  • Forgives easy
  • Communicates from the mind without having to say much
  • Can pick up on what others are feeling and thinking

The Indigo Generation

  • Built with self-confidence and self-worth
  • Low tolerance for anything beyond their value system
  • Does NOT like authority or rules
  • Needs the space to be creative, creativity is where their soul thrives
  • Knows when the truth is not told
  • Easily find flaws in the system
  • Can have a bit of a temper
  • May not listen in school, or may be disruptive
  • May have been diagnosed as ADD or ADHD

These special beings are on the earth with a divine mission to make a difference. They came with the knowing that the earth has to change for us to continue living on it.

That change starts with them, (or perhaps you if you are reading this for yourself).

It is of the upmost importance these highly sensitive beings are allowed the freedom to explore, and start making their impact on the world today.

One common thing I see amongst these blessed lightcasters is an ADD, or ADHD diagnosis. Their immune systems can also be weaker as they are unable to assimilate some of the current toxins we breathe in and consume. It is not a coincidence that scientists have discovered links between ADHD and environmental toxins. It is this along with a medicated solution, their gifts are diminished and they are forgetting their soul’s purpose. Medications and toxins sadly dim their lights. 

What really needs to be done is to allow them to shine their light BRIGHTER! Listen, love, and P.L.A.Y. (Promote Lasting Alterations for You) with them! 

Small steps such as being in chemical free environments, creative education, working together, being in and saving nature, and being treated with respect, is what is needed. Instead of trying to get them to conform to “our” world (which some of it is completely pointless anyway), let’s listen.

They are showing us the truth. They are showing us what has to change in our world today if we want to keep our earth. They are here to teach us, so be teachable.

These are the children that are making a brighter future for all. We must embrace, allow, and goodness please listen.

If you are a highly sensitive young adult, or you think your child may fall into one of the categories, we would love to hear from you. Visit our community page here, and learn more about how you can be a part of a playful movement toward everlasting change. It starts by simply sharing, and coming together. Blessings!