Angel Message Monday: Slow Down to Speed Up

I am sure you have heard it before …

Slow down to speed up!

We are still in a Waxing Crescent moon which guides us to plan and prepare. Decision making and action taking are not of the moment YET.

And if you are feeling actionable, I feel you! But try to pause.

I was contemplating this for myself this weekend. I was on a detox and still was feeling charged.

I was reminding myself to SLOW down and literally smell the flowers (I said it to myself out loud).

I walked out of a Saturday session and a beautiful client delivered flowers with a gorgeous bird figure!

A nature symbol that reminds us about small things in life and their meaning, and nudges us to enjoy life and simple pleasures.

I chuckled in gratitude.

So may these flowers and bird deliver the same message to you!

Take today and tomorrow to continue to plan, and then Wednesday and Thursday start to take action.

I hope today’s message helps!

May today’s message be supportive! See you next week if I don’t see you for InTUition TUesday or Feng Shui Friday inside the Frequency Key Facebook group!

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