An extra share for you on this Angel Message Monday …

HAPPY ANGEL MESSAGE MONDAY! First, choose one, two, or three, press play, and let me know what you choose (I always love to know)!

Then, I invite you to scroll on down and watch my interview with the woman who was a MAJOR influencer for me; Alexis Summerfield. She was the very first person I met in my journey that was a MAJOR influencer for me. I interviewed her for the earth angels in my membership group, and there was too much goodness not to share, so we are doing it again for you!



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14 thoughts on “An extra share for you on this Angel Message Monday …”

  1. Justine Riggs

    Happy Monday, Gina! Just wanted to share with you that I always look forward to Angel Card Monday. In addition to my main choice (today it was #3 because this number has been showing up in my life in a big way lately), I love listening to the other messages. I always get useful information and see a way that it aligns with my life currently. I actually pulled the KNOW card from your deck just a couple of days ago so today’s message was reinforcement to Listen to My Heart and a reminder that messages are coming in and to pay attention so I can receive them. Over the weekend, I did a meditation involving listening and then asking specific questions in order to get answers through a vision I get when I’m on the right track. Loved getting confirmation to continue this process. I have been moving some things around at home and am going through a huge transition so the other two messages were on track as well. Thank you for sharing that the angel on the card was Archangel Gabriel. As an author/writer, he shows up for me fairly often so this fit too. I plan to pay close attention to see if Gabriel has anything else for me this week. Finally, I have been getting a lot of jump out oracle cards recently telling me to Listen To My Heart, that I Know What to Do and along that theme (Including Athena/Inner Wisdom from a Goddess deck just yesterday. The theme is "You know what to do. Trust your inner wisdom…"). Thanks for starting my week off with messages and confirmation that I’m interpreting the information I’m receiving accurately! Have also been meaning to let you know that I’ve been doing the Oath of Manifestation daily since class and am seeing shifts and gifts on a regular basis. I feel something big coming in by the end of the year. The energetic checkbook helps me hold myself accountable to include calming and self nurturing activities throughout my day as well as prioritize so I can strive for better balance and more consistent energy levels. Looking forward to listening to your interview with Alexis when I have a few more quiet moments to myself. Have a great week!
    Justine Riggs

    1. Awe Justine so good to hear from you! Thank you for this share! I also chose three for myself today! HA!!! So in tune. It is really cool to hear this update, and I always love to hear! Thank you for sharing. I can’t wait to see what comes of everything in the next few months. The new moon yesterday was a PERFECT time to start prep work for the next several months to come, so keep doing the work! XO Big love!

  2. Peggy Lindsey

    Hello Gina! Thank you for your beautiful Angel Monday Messages! I love them and look forward to them every week! This week I chose #3, and as always, was spot on! I am working on really trusting myself and my guidance as I move through this transitional time for me. I am anxious to begin my work here in Sedona, yet I am honoring the inner work that I continue to progress through. They are tremendous gifts of courage and self discovery! The message of KNOWING is one I must continue to exercise around prosperity and abundance as well, as I am noticing the contrast of that these last few weeks. Love and blessings to you!

    1. I chose #3 this week too! Thank you for sharing! Were you able to watch the interview with Alexis? She is there! I will be offering some more free online classes here soon before the certification launches (which that is any day=-). I hope to see you on some! BIG love Peggy!

      1. Peggy Lindsey

        I just finished watching Alexis, and she seems amazing! And she lives right here! 😀. I will check out her website and learn more. I look forward to more of your awesome classes, Gina! Thank you so much, our beautiful angel girl!

  3. Gina- I chose 3 but they all spoke to me. I do feel a shift in my purpose recently and I think this messsge is reminding me to listen to my heart and know there is an inner truth trying to come through. I will try an angel meditation tonight and hope Gabrielle will come through. As always thank you for sharing your gift.

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