Do this to up your vibration and frequency this week …

Hello September!!! This month brings lots of learning around raising your vibe. I will be sharing many of my own tools that helped me to shift into a happier, healthier, more connected, and self-employed, version of me!

Have specific questions on that?! Ask away, and I will answer them throughout the month!

WANT TO REALLY RAISE YOUR VIBE?! ACTIVATE YOUR INTUITION?! September brings with it some fun things! 1) I am doing a beta test class for a small group of people. If you are interested in staying updated on that, the link is below! 2) I am also beginning a free series to help you RAISE YOUR VIBRATION AND FREQUENCY TO YOUR PHYSICAL, SOUL, AND MIND. Link is also below to sign up for the series!



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8 thoughts on “Do this to up your vibration and frequency this week …”

  1. Teresa Duffner

    Thank you Gina.
    I certainly feel today’s number "3" resonated for me. I have been struggling on how, when and whether I need to let go of my current 11 year relationship. Scary, sad and finance has been holding me back as well as what I do get in the relationship. I really need to reflect on IF I am in the best place for me. So thank you! And feel the call to meditate more

    1. Teresa this is a beautiful share!! May you be blessed with more clarity and visioning for the very highest potential for your future outcome. Holding with you!! XO

  2. martha schermann

    I wasn’t able to listen to your Monday message until just now. I have already done the thing you suggested already. I usually don’t buy fresh flowers for myself but on Sunday I was just feeling the flowers calling me and I had gone to Hallmark and got a really cute six pack tin planter that I put some glasses in and 6 bouquets of flowers. Sunflowers, pink and white roses and yellow mums. Made me feel really happy and special. Thanks for all your inspiration and love.

    1. This is wonderFULL Martha!! I am so happy to hear that you are doing your part to the calling sister!!! May fresh flowers bless you sister love!

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