Keep Your Frequency HIGH with Angel Message Monday Today!

Energy is energy … it’s always moving, and dictates so much.

Have you heard me, or maybe someone else, say “keep it high vibe?” Do you know what that means?

A complete cycle of vibration occurs when an object moves from one position to the another, and back again. The number of cycles that a vibrating object completes in one second is called frequency. The unit of frequency is hertz (Hz). One hertz equals one cycle per second.

We want that frequency to be HIGH, so we can have HIGH VIBE experiences. That is what High Vibe means. There are so many ways to raise that, and that is what my practice is dedicated to.

You want to hear your angels? Connect with loved ones in heaven? Have a decluttered space? Grow a business???


Today’s message is devoted to that, AND I am inviting you this Thursday, 2/12 AT 1 PM CST for an interactive workshop to help you raise your vibe as we flow into the holidays! Sign up below (and it’s always recorded)!



2 thoughts on “Keep Your Frequency HIGH with Angel Message Monday Today!”

  1. Hi Gina — prior to listening, I just had cleaned out my wallet so of course, I selected teal. Also, a situation from yesterday left me struggling with my action or more accurately inaction and so the message allowing to let go of a perceived mistake was perfect for me — thank you!

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