A Space Clearing LIVE Angel Message Monday, with Kelly of Pure Spaces by Kelly!

I AM full of deLIGHT today to be hosting a LIVE Angel Message Monday in The Frequency Key Facebook with Kelly of Pure Spaces by Kelly!

While we hope you can make it (keeping a clear space is important for a high vibe), if you aren’t able to live with us today at 11 AM inside of the Frequency Key Facebook group, I am still doing a quick card pull for you! Press play below!

A few deep diving EVENTS coming up:

1) There is an ANGEL CIRCLE this Friday at 1 PM CST, with a few seats left.

2) The Ignite Your IntuitionAdvanced Development Intensive happening IN JUNE, and there are still spaces left. The advanced intensives guide you deeper into your own practice so that you can build your “subtle energy muscles” in a way where clarity and confidence reigns!

3) AND FINALLY, I AM HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE MY PLAY BY PLAY FENG SHUI CLASS IS BIRTHING! There is a beta class launching in July. What that means for those that take part is 50% off of the class. Space is limited, and it is almost full!

All links are below! And now …. Angel Message Monday!



2 thoughts on “A Space Clearing LIVE Angel Message Monday, with Kelly of Pure Spaces by Kelly!”

  1. Hi Gina! I am sorry I missed your special today! Just had a chance to view Angel Message Monday! Helpful as always, but what was so awesome to experience is seeing a visitor flying around in your video! Not sure if you have even viewed this at all! Anyway, I was blessed by witnessing that! Love and blessings to you! Peggy

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