Angel Message Monday: Where are you on your fool’s journey?

We have a full moon in Pisces upon us!

It’s happening on the 2nd at 12:22 am CST.

(And if you’re a member, don’t forget we have our group moon call TOMORROW at 6 PM).

The gifts of this moon:

  1. Sensitivities

  2. Perspective

  3. Intuitive Awareness

  4. Compassion

  5. Flow

So you have a choice.

Feel insecure about decisions, emotional about situations, and wait in passivity.


BE THE WISH-FOOL (card I pulled for us all)!

Follow your heart and intuition, TRUST, and creative action.

My vote is you lean into the journey!

This week I am hoping to help you lean into that journey!

Want to dive deeper? Join me for InTUition TUesday or Feng Shui Friday in The Frequency Key Facebook Group! The focus this week will be to support the current energies of this moon! XO



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