Angel Message Monday: Angels, Feng Shui, Clearing Blocks, and PLAY!

It’s Angel Message Monday with a ton of Feng Shui fun still happening!

Today is day four of five of applying Feng Shui hacks with my hubs!

Today’s challenge: clear the kitchen countertops to be at least 50% clear and put away unused appliances.

This MAY be a task to come to an agreement on this one! We shall see!

AND if you haven’t heard by now, PLAY BY PLAY FENG SHUI IS OPEN for enrollment. It will close this Wednesday the 30th at 11:11 am.

It is a value-packed lifetime access offer that will guide you to Feng Shui any space you are in.

In addition to the bonuses in the class, you will also receive:

  1. A special session with Melissa Zoske and I next month that will help you to clear success blocks as you clear energy in your home.

  2. A Kitchen Sadhana bonus with Sarah Angelides that will help you to prep your kitchen and life, and give Feng Shui for your health a boost activation!

Either way, I want to help you in today’s message lean further into your space and Feng Shui away!

There are FOUR options today. Choose a set of angel wings behind me painted by the lovely Jen Olwig!

Your message will be revealed!

As always, if you want to unlock more for a higher vibing life, join me for InTUition TUesday. Tomorrow it is happening at 10 AM CST in The Frequency Key Facebook Group!



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