About Gina


Meet Gina

Hi, I am Gina Nicole!

My passion is working with others to activate their innate abilities. It lights me up to see others transform fear, and come out on top living a passion-filled, empowered life.

I work with many empaths, big-hearted people who can feel another’s emotions, and are likely giving away too much! (And hey … I am guilty, also, at times! We all need help)! I believe that when you learn how to manage this Divine connection to source energy, you can come into full alignment and live a passion-filled and purposeful life.

Why? Because I did it! Over the past several years, I have helped hundreds of people move through their blocks, and live in a higher frequency. I am committed to this mission. I know it’s my purpose, and I am eager to see you do the same! Whether you want to connect to the community in my mentorship or retreat experience, learn more, or deep-dive one on one, I am happy to see your healing hands here!