You Are/I Am

You are…

You are here with a readiness; to open your heart to intuitive guidance on what steps to take next and to up-level your relationship with all that is (including you)!

You may have had or are experiencing hardships. (I see you.) That hardship will unveil some of the best gifts in your life.

You are a beautiful light, and you are ready to shine. You are willing to remove all blocks and take your power back. You are prepared to put change into action.

You want to listen to and feel the truth in your heart and speak it aloud. At times your mind may get in the way of your heart’s whispers, and you may not necessarily hear yourself all of the time. You are ready to get clear and create an actionable plan, and that is what I do with you.





I am…


I am a Feng Shui practitioner who will guide you to create a home appealing to your eye. (If you don’t know what the term “Feng Shui” means” means, YOU CAN READ MORE HERE)! It’s a fancy name for moving things around, having fun with color, making your space feel GREAT, and changing your life in the process.

I am an Angel Intuitive who will guide you to your heart’s answers. I spend much of my free time in meditation, pilates, and with my crystal loving chiropractor, Dr. Denise, so that I’m a clear channel able to connect for YOU effectively!

I am a believer of integrity with strong values. I was brought up a sacramental bread loving catholic, who got to know the angels in my 20’s. While I like to see you turn your vision board into your He** Yes life, I will honor your beliefs and help you feel safe in the process. I value integrity and doing what I say I am going to do, love, freedom, beauty, and change.