New Moon Solar Eclipse: 5 Ways to say Yes to Embodiment THIS WEEK!


On December fourth, we will experience a solar eclipse with the new moon.

While new moons are always a powerful time to set intentions, solar eclipses help us shine the light on what to say yes to in order to bring that intention into reality.

After the November 19th partial lunar eclipse, shadows came to the surface. We can use this solar eclipse to help shine light on what came forward.

Now is the time to heal emotional wounds and cultivate a greater trust in ourselves, others, and with spirit. There is no question we are in a time of course correcting, breaking patterns, and changing the story.

Unfinished business? Complete it. Deep wound? Heal it. Bad habit? Break it. It will be challenging to shift into the abundance this solar eclipse is offering if we continue with self-sabotaging behaviors time and again.

Instead, we can say no thank you to the itty, bitty, sh*tty committee in our minds, and yes to breaking patterns, being open to change, and empowering ourselves to shift from doubt and pessimism to opportunity and optimism.

Say yes to five key things in the time leading up to the solar eclipse and new moon, to fully ignite the optimal and supportive energy available to embody who we were born to be – click the link below! For now – onward to Angel Message Monday and may it help you!




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