Angel Message Monday: Leo New Moon, Lions Gate, and Your Fire

The New Moon in Leo is 8/8 at 8:49 AM (CST). This New Moon is on the Lion’s Gate portal, which is 8/8 every year.

The Lion’s Gate portal happens when the sun lines up perfectly with the start that represents the eye of the lion in the constellation Leo. (Many say it lines up with the dog star Sirius, but if you look at an astronomical map, you will see the alignment).

The ABC’s of the Lion’s Gate:

  • Attracting Abundance and Prosperity

  • Blissful Brilliance and Intuition

  • Considerable Creations and Manifesting

There is a new level of NEW this year as the New Moon will be in LEO at the peak of the Lion’s Gate. This is rare.

It’s important to mention, Leo sits directly opposite of Aquarius in the sky, and this Lion’s Gate is sandwiched between TWO Aquarius Full Moons.

What does this all mean?

A TIME OF HEIGHTENED POTENTIAL! Do not let the current energy pass you by!

For a full rundown, check out: Lion’s Gate Portal & Leo New Moon {8/8/21}: 8 Ways to Maximize the Energy by clicking the link.

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