I communicate with angels on the daily, and I stand in that truth no matter the push back or judgment I receive. I have recently been met with a few statements that I want to address, such as “angels are demons,” and “you are inviting the evil in when you connect with angels.” One of my favorites starts with “the bible says.”

Having been raised Catholic, I get it. When I was young, I had a keen awareness to the unknown (yet all too familiar) energies around me, but I did not necessarily understand what I was sensing, seeing, and feeling. Then a few days later I’d find myself sitting in church with overwhelming thoughts, and an unpleasant emotion that was caused by the belief that unknown was dangerous and threatening. My tummy would literally become nauseous.

About 10 years ago I met an angel intuitive who helped me to explore that unknown. I worked with her for several years, learning about the energies I sensed around me, experiencing the light and dark of this unknown, and finally learned that my life could be much easier, and all around better while embracing these energies known as angels.

I had first hand experiences that blew my mind and left me in awe time and time again. I learned what the various colored sparkles I was seeing meant, the meaning behind the repetitive numbers I would see, I understood how to use angel signs as guidance, and I finally figured out the messages I was receiving in dreams.

For several years after I was still very hesitant to come out of the spiritual closet. I was worried what people might say to me, I was afraid of being judged, and I feared my traditional Italian, and very devoted Catholic Nana, would shun me (she did for a short time). I was still in fear.

I would have never thought it would have been a Catholic priest who set my conscious free. One of my best friends (who is the perfect yin to my yang) asked me to go to lunch with her and her priest. I agreed, and went with an open mind, yet a bit guarded. I was very surprised that after divulging my truth of speaking to angels and communicating with spirit, he met me with such love. He said to me, “Gina, when I do the eucharist during each mass, that altar is filled with thousands of angels.  I have no doubt that your experiences are valid, and can help the world.”

There was something about that meeting that almost gave me permission to speak my truth. That was a turning point for me, and I never looked back. Perhaps I had been seeking the permission from my childhood roots, or maybe I just needed to be able to quote a Catholic priest as a comeback to my Nana. Regardless of the reason, there was a little piece of me that felt more free.

Not long after that, I was really able to stand in my truth, and use this loving connection with the angelic realm to help others and myself. And I am not saying that just because it is loving, it is at times not dark. When you open yourself to the light, you are opening period. I have had both light and dark experiences, but now I have learned how to be responsible with my energy, and I know how to stay in the light.

In the several years of research I have done, and more importantly the experience I have had for myself, I will admit that not all angelic presences are “light.” You can look to ancient art and easily see the cherubs and seraphs are by no means little chubby winged figures you want to cuddle. However, they are also known to directly see the highest Divine Source (call it what you want; God, The Universe, Highest Power). They are fiery energy. Alas, these are not angels that deal with human affairs directly.

Those that do deal with human affairs are those known as Guardian Angels and Archangels. There presence is much lighter, much softer, and is one that will show up to help you when invoked.

If you are still reading this, you are most likely on one side of the token, or the other; either you are a believer or you are not. I am not writing this to convince you. I simply want to encourage you to go inward and discern for yourself before you create such a strong opinion. Don’t just read the bible and google it, explore it for yourself; mediate, pray on it, talk to your priest, pay attention to your dreams, become aware of your energetic presence, and consult someone with creative advice for you.

Marianne Williamson recently said, “Living a meaningful life is not a popularity contest. If what you’re saying is always getting applause, you’re probably not yet doing the right stuff.” When I did seek the approval and the applause of those around me, I was imprisoned in my own heart and living inauthentically. Sure I succeeded in my day job and I was a “good kid,”  but my people pleasing life got me no where.

Now that I continue to stand true in my testament of angel work, my life is more meaningful than ever before. I am able to give the gift of angelic messaging, and seeing transformation in people I would have never met. I am doing what I love, in love, and living my purpose. Life is better than I could ever have imagined since embracing the angels, standing up for what I know is my truth.

If you are wanting explore, there is an angel meditation at the top bar of my website, that will guide you to connect. May you discern your own way to love, and find your authentic truth.