Angel Message Monday: Let go, intuit, and move forward in your TRUTH.

A time of letting go, honoring you, and listening to your intuition.

If you to expand your learning to support your intuition and development, you can join the Spiritual Mentorship Community and I in the Muscle Testing and Pendulum Workshop today!

Join me for two hours of muscle testing and using a pendulum at 1 PM. Both tools can help us clear our bodies, our homes, apply Feng Shui, and help us have strong trust in the long run. You will be able to:

  • Clear the body

  • Clear the home

  • Make more confident decisions

  • Determine what food and supplements are most aligned for you (and your animals)

  • Find sources of physical symptoms

  • Find the root of situations

  • Help to find items misplaced

You can SIGN UP HERE or click the link below! The class is recorded if you can’t be live.

A few other tidbits of recent writings that may interest you …

Maybe I will see you today and in the meantime, think of letting go and moving forward, and onward to Angel Message Monday!



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