If you have a monkey mind that worries, today is for YOU.

I have a monkey mind Angel Message for you today.

Since leading the Frequency Masterclass, I have been way deep in FREQUENCY, particularly when it comes to my home and body. 

Pretty sure I am driving my husband nuts; I am moving furniture, changing colors, adding elements, tossing sh*t out right and left … because when I share the work, I do it too. 

And there is always stuff to do! Isn’t there?

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As I come closer to the second Masterclass on 10/9, I am paying attention to how mindset and worry play into that.

In Feng Shui (where it started for me) we look at life like THREE pieces of pie;   earth luck, mankind luck, and heaven luck. Or … call it PHYSICAL, MENTAL, SPIRITUAL.

Each play a part. 33.33% to be exact. And when you do due diligence to play that part with a super high vibe, you can raise the shift out of your life. So we already dove into the EARTH luck (body and home) which is recorded, and I am flowing into the mankind luck!

Soooo choose pink, purple, or blue, and let’s see what part of your monkey mind might need caging!

Keep on raising your vibe!



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