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  1. Hi Gina (and team) and thanks so much for your message! I didn’t get to read it until Thursday but I know it still applies. The "signs" information resonated so strongly with me this week as I have received a continual sign (in French?!) and then some information about a person by handling a folder with her name on it….what ? Can you tell me why we have times when we receive the signs so strongly and others when we seem to get absolutely nothing? I know you are relaxing and recharging and having a great time in Puerto Vallarta so no immediate response is expected…just curious!

    1. Hi Julie! I was definitely recharging, but no relaxing on my part! We were actually there to lead retreat and it was PHENOMENAL! To answer you … YES!! It always still applies … you’ll see it when you need it. Remember the law of the universe … EVERYTHING ebbs and flows. What goes up must come down, and it is all relative … it is how we learn about TRUST and FAITH. The angels are loud when we first work with them, then they may make you "work" for a bit. And we do have to put effort in. How is your relationship with them? Do you take time and space each and every day? If not, why would you expect them to? We were actually in Mexico on ANGEL retreat and taking the time and space to listen to them and receive our answers. Trust. Also remember that you came here to this earth to be HUMAN and experience all parts of being human. =-) XO

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