Meet Your Angels 101

A journey of connecting to your angels, knowing your angel signs, and deepening your intuition.

Your angels are standing by ready to be dialed in. They are ready to connect, and are waiting for YOU to invite them into your life. They can’t help unless you ask. Ready!?

Print the workbook in its entirety in the button to the right, or you can open it by section below. Up to you! Let’s get started!

Who are angels?

  • Archangel Michael takes over my phone
  • Angels and religion
  • Angels and their role in your life
  • Archangel cheat sheet

Angelic Breathing and Communication 

  • Angelic breath
  • Starting the conversation with the “ABC’s”
  • Having F.A.I.T.H.

Listening to Angel Signs

  • Angel Signs
  • Listening with the six “S Factors”

Final Message! Now What?

  • Keeping an attitude of gratitude
  • Implementation


Thank you for allowing me on your journey!

It is a sincere pleasure and honor. This work moved me from my hot mess express lane, into a manifestoress life I couldn’t have even dreamed of if I tried. I hope you find this path to be as moving, effective, positive, and FUN as I have!! 

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