Meet your angels, learn your angel signs, and build a stronger connection with your angel team!

Archangel Michael takes over my iPhone!

The photo you see to the right is not me showing off my iPhone. This is an image of what it looks like when Archangel Michael takes over Siri. Yup! Real life stuff!

Friends have witnessed it happened, clients in one on one sessions, AND he decided to show you what it looks like in THIS VERY COURSE! (Wild that I finally caught it on video!)

Angel communication comes in so many different ways, its laughable, and almost unbelievable (until it happens to you time and time again). 

Your angels are standing by ready to be dialed in. They are ready to connect, and are waiting for YOU to invite them into your life. They can’t help unless you ask, and I AM here to help you learn how to ask in the most effective way possible (yes there is a super effective way)!

I used to be someone who did not listen to that little voice inside. I had it. I knew it was there. I would put it in on hold. Then I met my angels and life changed.  

I have found homes, met people, eliminated people, met more people, got married, found my purpose, and followed paths of success all with the guidance of angels.

People that know me well, know that I live in courage and trust. I do that with FAITH because I know 144% with my whole heart, that my angel team is supporting me and walking with me. 

This course is designed to do exactly what it says; guide you to meet your angels (in a 101 way). 

I want to guide you to experience the same shifts that I have had, that are nothing short of miracles. Upon completion of this course, you will have strong tools to do so!  Check out what the syllabus entails …

Meet Your Angels 101:

meet angels, Learn angel signs, and Spread Love!

Listening to Angel Signs

  • Common angel signs and symbols

  • Listening with the six “S Factors”

  • What to do with the signs

Final Message! Now What?

  • Keeping an attitude of gratitude

  • Implementation

  • What to do next

Who are angels?

  • Archangel Michael takes over my phone

  • Angels and religion

  • The role of angels and an archangel cheat sheet

Angelic Breathing and Communication 

  • Learning and using angelic breath

  • The “ABC’s” of starting the conversation

  • Practicing F.A.I.T.H.©

This is a self-paced class. You can move through it as you feel appropriate. 

Registration: $44

“I thoroughly enjoyed Gina Nicole’s Tarot class. It was an insightful course with practical education that anyone can hone in on and utilize, not just the ‘supernatural.’ I loved learning about the angelic messaging ‘WE ALL’ recieve and how numbers are a natural process in angel communication. Best of all, the group of spectacular-similar-minded women who surrounded me. The strength and encouragement in such a loving space was life-changing. Just beautiful! I would highly recommend the course, It’s worth your time and money. I am hopeful and anxiously waiting more!”

— Jennifer L, St. Louis, MO

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