Angel Message Mindset … I mean Monday.

Check in with your mind today; are you in fear or love? You can’t be in both. Only one. Watch the video below, and if you are in fear, follow one or two of these tips:

  • Pray, meditate, or do something to take time to be with God, the Universe, your Creator, etc. 
  • MOVE and be in self love. You will attract the same level of energy you radiate; bliss or remiss? You choose!
  • If your space is a mess (like mine right now), do what you can in small scales; declutter, clean, set altars of intention.
  • Let go of how it is going to look. My husband and I recently said YES to Atomic Ion Bands in our life. They changed our health and our mindset! (Interested? Message me about a big discount!)
  • Clean your stove. It is directly related to abundance in your home. 
  • Try my Angel Sign Challenge (click here).
  • ASK! Your angels are standing by wanting to help, but won’t unless you ask. If you need help with your thoughts, try … 

“Thank you Archangel Jophiel for beautifying my thoughts, and helping me to see clearly all of the people, situations, and things in my life that are abundant. Thank you Angels of Abundance for showing me true wealth.”

If you have a favorite way to move through fear, please share by commenting below. Keep me posted, I always love to hear how it goes! XO

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