Major Arcana = Major Nirvana?!

All of the cards chosen today, are Major Arcana cards; the first 22 cards in the tarot deck. Listening to the Major Arcana = Attaining Major Nirvana (… eventually)!

That’s right!! That is what I say. These cards deliver the message that the energy is present for BIG spiritual lessons to happen. BIG transformation is possible with these 22 gems! I LOVE it!

So take a watch … per usual you choose card one, two, or three, and see what resonates! Please let me know! I love to hear from you. =-)

AND If you are called to this work, THIS IS THE LAST WEEK TO SIGN UP FOR  MY ANGEL INFUSED TAROT CERTIFICATION for this go round! Space is limited, the class begins November 13th, and sign ups will be closed when the class reaches capacity (4 spaces left). 

AND if you want to learn more, but not be ready for a class, click the button below and take my Major Arcana Journey PLUS receive my Tarot Cheat Sheet. The Tarot is the Divination tool that set my connection with Angels on fire, AND it can for you too! The first 22 cards are major spiritual lessons, and getting to know them, can help you unlock your own inner guidance.   

If you have any questions about the class, feel welcome to email me at support@ginanicole.net.

May you be blessed with Angel Love!

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