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Learn Tarot And The Major Arcana With Gina Nicole

My name is Gina Nicole and it is deLIGHT-full to greet you!

I AM an Angel Intuitive and Feng Shui Practitioner. It is my passion to share the journey with others, and share the miracle that has helped me to transform my life.

The tarot is where the journey started for me; the training wheels that set my angelic connection flying! Now I AM devoted to helping YOU do the same. It all starts with the Major Arcana. 

(You can read more about my journey here.) 

Let’s deep dive through the major arcana



Ready to dive in? Grab a journal, a pen, your Major Arcana Cards (which are the first 22 cards in the deck that are numbered 0-21), and print the document below if you wish to follow along. I am going to encourage you to take this journey slow. Don’t rush yourself, and maybe even take pauses, long pauses, in between videos. If you want, take days to come back to this. That is just fine! You can come back anytime to this page. Take note of this link and come back anytime: www.ginanicole.net/major-arcana-journey.


1) Decide what Tarot Deck you would like to use. I like Angel Tarot by Radleigh Valentine and Doreen Virtue. Get started ASAP and download their cards for free via this link. OR You can also download them on iTunes here

2) Watch the video and follow along with your Major Arcana Cards so you can breathe in the images on the cards. 

3) Notice where your eye goes on the cards and the feeling you have as you look at them. 

4) When you are prompted to pause in the videos, pause the video and journal with the prompt you are given. Even if only for a moment, it will help you develop.  

Video One: What is the Tarot and Major Arcana, and Cards 1 to 5?

Please excuse this me; the third card, the High Priestess, snuck her way out of this video. Until I have the chance to add her in, please accept my apologies and the separate handout here. 



Video Two: Cards 6 to 10



Video Three: Cards 11 to 15



Video Three: Cards 16 to 21

Putting It Into Action

Now that you are complete with that, let’s see how it all falls together for you! Follow these steps below.

1) Hold the cards in your left hand (the hand connected closest to your heart), and knock on them with your right, while imagining light going into them. Touch each card and infuse you love going into them. 

2) Hold the cards either close to your heart, or simply in your hands, close your eyes if that feels good, BREATHE (it’s the language of Angels) and say out loud, “Thank you God (or Source if that is more comfortable) for sending me Archangel Michael. Thank you Archangel Michael for guiding me and helping me to maintain a safe space of healing love. Thank you for keeping away lower vibrations always, and for ensuring only messages for my very highest good come forward here today. I am holding the intention for today that I receive guidance today on what I need to know now. Thank you.” 
(* Hint: When you give thanks, hold your intention, and give more thanks for sweeping away lower vibrations, you are good to go!)

3) Hold your question in your heart and think of a number. Whatever number comes to you first, shuffle those cards as many times. (If it is a two digit number, break it down. As an example if you think of 11, 1+1= 2, so you shuffle two times). 

4) Pull the top card, or pull a card that feels good to you, and there is your message! If you have done your journaling with the Major Arcana, refer back to that for your own message.

5) I always close with appreciation, by saying, ““Thank you God (or Source if that is more comfortable) and Archangel Michael for creating this loving space here for me today. Thank you for helping me to feel supported, connected, and guiding me to my own answers. Thank you Archangel Michael for sweeping away any debris.” 

6) Imagine yourself with white light all around you and so it is! Journal some more about the process. 

How does it resonate for you? I’d love to know! Email me at support@ginanicole.net. XO

Thank you For Joining Me on the major arcana Tarot journey!




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