Angel Message Monday: LIVING purpose vs. discovering it.

When it comes to purpose, let’s LIVE it instead of trying to discover it.

We do that by listening to every nudge.

Every whisper.

Every thought.

Every idea.

Every spark to try something new.

This week’s energy is nudging us to:

1) Accept change.
Be spontaneous

2) Respect self and feelings above all else.
Your feelings are worth sharing.

Especially self-acceptance.

Many faces of purpose!

There is a mediation with Archangel Michael this week to help process current energies (button below the video).

He has seen me and guided through my many faces of purpose.

Being a daughter, wife, step-mom, intuitive, Feng Shui practitioner, Angel communicator, dog mom interviewer, interviewee … it’s all on purpose.

ALL of it.

I’d love to know your many faces.

Purpose is not just about some big huge wild revelation.

It’s the moment to moment living.

AND if you want to unlock more? Join me inside The Frequency Key this week to continue the journey!



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