Four Signs You Aren’t Tuned Into Your Intuition

Are you listening to yourself? Know for sure by keeping a look out for these four signs!

  1. You keep asking the same questions over and over (also a sign of FEAR … F.E.A.R. = Forgetting Everything Angels Represent).
  2. You find yourself asking “What does that mean,” or “What does it mean if _______.”
  3. Your body tells you so …listen to your bodies messages!
  4. Your life is a bit out of whack; imbalanced. Maybe you are doing great in one area, and not another? Where could that be. 

Any of these apply? Tell me about it, I want to know!!

Recently, I noticed an imbalance my GUT has been trying to tell me. I had an old childhood memory that I needed to release, and I am currently working through it. I had known, but shoved it away, NOW things are moving. 

Can you relate? Love you BIG! 

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