Level III Portal II

Level III: Portal II

A portal of bring macho sexy back with the knights, getting into super grounded mode, and meeting a super charged Archangel that will guide you to deep spiritual ascension. Enjoy!


Knights are a bit more mature than a Page. They are not a super youthful energy, but they are also not old; they are in puberty if you will! They bring a sense of action, change, and they definitely fight for what they want. The question is always what are they fighting for, or perhaps for who? A lot can be learned from both sides of these “macho men” of the tarot. They can be loving, artsy, intellectual, and some mature at times. Let’s meet them!

Video: The Knight

Earth Star Activation! Oh YAH!

I invite you to do the below Earth Star Activation. Listen to the guided meditation in this link. I would LOVE for you to do this exercise in nature. Either on the grass, around plants, or near a tree. If you can’t do that, bring nature inside. Enjoy! 

Earth Star Chakra Feng Shui Fun

You are invited to ground your energy with Mama Earth in this portal. You may find that you are guided to ground, take care of nature, and clean up. I encourage you to love on Bagua Map sectors 2, 5, and 8. If you are unfamiliar with this chakra location, sit in quietude and discover the depth of this miracle. 

card spread: Knight Fight Spread

I created this card spread is to help you look into the deeper meaning of one of strongest aspects of the Knights; fighting. What is it that you are fighting for, where may that be bringing imbalance, and how can you shift your perspective to see things differently.  

Meet Archangel Sandalphon

Archangel Sandalphon can help you speak your truth in gentle ways, raise your prayers up, up, up, and is a guardian and guider of musicians. He is the angel who assists with the energy of the root chakra and the earth star chakra. He was human once, and knows our energy well, so my hope is that you find him easy to experience.