Level III Portal III

Level III: Portal III

In the last portal you dove into macho-hood with the manful Knights, and in this portal I invite you to get your sexy back with the band of the Queens! There are some fun qualities to explore with these bold, bad a** bit**es! (Pardon my french, they can just get me so fiery, and I use this term in a very endearing and inspired way)! Let’s go!


We finally grow a bit in the journey of the court cards with the Queens. They are older than the Pages and Knights, and while they are not quite known for ruling their own kingdom like the almighty King, they are pretty close and might as well in my eyes?! They bring a sense of sassiness and sexiness that I personally love. These powerhouses bring insight into perception, beauty, and hold the nurturing feminine quality in all. Join me in the Queens intuitive and influential sisterhood!

Video: The Queens

Chakra Feng Shui Fun

You are invited to go beyond your lower chakra system, or what I call “human chakra system.” You may find that you are called to dream work, taking care of your health, and feeling more connected with the Divine. I encourage you to love on Bagua Map sector 8. If you don’t know where this chakra is yet, sit in quietude and feel it out for yourself. This is fun and new! 

card spread: Picky, Classy, Beautiful M.E.

This card spread is a fun and sassy one that helps you to act like a Queen, think like a Queen, and Manifest like a classy, beautiful Queen! 

Meet Archangel Christiel

Archangel Christiel is said to have come to this plane from another universe to assist us with ascension. This Archangel will help with ascension, connecting with other angels and spirits, connecting through the moon, bringing every aspect of you into Divine balance