Level III Portal VI

Level III: Portal VI

You have spent several hours of learning, connecting, loving, and shining your beautiful light. Check in with your angel infused self and see how you feel! I hope pretty awesome! 

I want you to know that it is totally normal to feel a little delight, a little fear, and a little confusion at this point. My hope is after this portal, you will be a tad more comforted. 

In this portal, you will have the truest look into my life where it comes to combining angels, Feng Shui, and buisness! We’ll bring it all together with some breezy business bonus buzz, while bringing in Christ Consciousness working with the feng shui of the final chakra!

It’s time to wrap it all up with business  chat, marketing, websites, and incorporating your overall I AM presence! You may want to do the business stuff separately! Completely up to you, but at the end of the day, it’s all ONE! 


Video: Business Basics

Video: Marketing



Video: Websites

Following are the links to the website services I use and recommend: 

If you choose to use a scheduling service, I recommend Acuity Scheduling. There are many out there, and I have trailed a lot, and in my experience this has been the easiest and most affordable. The link below will take you to my affiliate page. This service can be linked or embedded to your website, so that people can schedule appointments, and pay for them online. 

Video: Sharing Value with Content and Love  


Write copy from your heart and with big love. It can be challenging to start this, and below are a few journal prompts to help get your writing from an authentic place! 

To collect email addresses and share the love, I use and recommend Mailchimp (in the link below). It’s a free service until you reach certain amount of people which I believe is 1,000. You can monitor the open rates on your emails, schedule emails to be sent at future times, or send them immediately. 

My favorite content building resources.

For PDF’s downloads, handouts, and flyer and announcement creation, Canva.

My favorite recording devices are below. Click on the pictures for more information, or to buy them. The microphone and windshield are for recording videos and meditations (the quiet space is the most important and you need to create that for yourself). The light can be used on your phone or laptop. Finally, the shelf I recommend for setting your laptop on when recording videos. Tip: a laptop / camera that is slightly above you gives you a tad more of a sleeker look when recording. (Yup! I record my videos and audio straight from my mac with these tools.)

If you want background music for your media (videos, mediations, etc.), you will need to purchase royalty free music. I recommend Pond 5. There is a good selection, it is easy to navigate, and it is affordable. 

Another REALLY key thing about starting your own gig … AND THE ONLY RULE I REALLY EVER DO LIVE BY: TAXES. CREATE GOOD KARMA FOR YOURSELF AND THE PEOPLE YOU CONNECT FOR AND PAY TAXES!! Keep track, and keep track often. No big explanation is needed here. It is really quite simple. Download the sheet below, and start keeping track. HINT: enter the fees associated with this class for starters! Yup, it’s a write off!

The following templates have formulas that will automatically populate. All you have to do at the end of the year is turn the sheet into your tax gal or guy! Make a copy, and start again the next year. 

It is TOTALLY normal to have a loss your first couple of years, and actually helpful! Eventually you will pay taxes on the income you make. REMEMBER THAT IT IS A BLESSING! 

Finally … CLIENT LISTS!! How do I keep track of my clients?! Check it out here! I believe this is a pretty self explanatory one; appointments on the dates, all information I like to keep , gift certificates and leads at the bottom. Feel welcome to modify!


Video: Be YOU



Chakra Feng Shui Fun

Dive into the energy of this higher chakra with me. Chakra twelve is the energy center of Christ Consciousness, ascension, and mastery. A fierce energy I hope you enjoy!

Meet Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron is the Angel of Life, guards the Tree of Life and energetically records in the Akashic Record everything that happens throughout existence. Archangel Metatron activates the higher chakras, and is ready now to initiate you into an ascension into cosmic consciousness.