Level III Portal V

Level III: Portal V

You have spent several hours learning the suits, numbers, court cards, meeting angels, and connecting deeper. Now what?! Let’s bring it all together. 

This portal will be a bit of a breather for you. You will continue exploring a new chakra and will meet a new angel. And you are going to receive a few tips and tricks to enhance this wonderful new material that has poured through you, to earth and to life! 

Let’s talk various adding oracle cards, connection techniques, etiquette and some 101 on the one on one!


Oracle decks are so fun!

It is where I first started, and they can be an enhancement to any connection. You can use them with the tarot or separately. I really enjoy putting meshing the decks together and allowing the miracle to unfold. As with anything, have fun, and the truth will authentically come out!

Enjoy playing and building your spirit vocabulary even more with this beauties if you choose! 

Video: Oracle Decks

Video: Other Ways to Connect


Notice anything on the start screen in the imaging to the left? There is a little angel orb that flutters in this video from 4:56 to 4:58. FUN!

This short video will inspire you to  think about connecting in various ways. From phone connections, email connections, setting up a “foe” live session, and a few fun things I like to incorporate. 


A little bit of advice  on …

  • Don’t be nosy; if you don’t have permission, stay out!

  • It’s not about what you say, it’s how you say it.

  • You are not a prophet; don’t prophesize. 

  • You are not an answer box; don’t give answers, guide people to their own inner wisdom.

  • You are not an ambulance; don’t take 911 calls. No urgency for people that “need to see you.” Schedule them in a normal time frame.

  • Go beyond the words of the cards always.

Video: Bringing It All Together ~ 101 on the One on One

Chakra Feng Shui Fun

Chakra eleven is above chakra nine, and helps to create a gorgeous film of energy around you. What color will it be?! You can use it in your space whatever it is! Step in to your I AM presence deep, bring your contributions to the world in a bigger way, and perhaps even heal on command! Enjoy this high energy.

Meet Archangel Jeremiel

Archangel Jeremiel is the master at helping us look at what we have done thus far, and what we no longer want! Are you ready to look into what has been up tot his point fore with this powerful Archangel, and truly release the past?! I hope so! You have come a long way, and you are ready to be of service to the world. Let’s remove all that no longer serves so that you can hop on that!