Angel Tarot Week II

Portal II: The Fire, Wands, Gabriel Suit

I hope you found the first portal to be learned! It was a lot of moving energy so please pat yourself on the back and be super proud of you! 

To keep it easy, I am going to refer to the suits using the names from the Angel Tarot by Radleigh Valentine, as that is what I usually use, and those are the pictures of the cards you are seeing throughout. But know they adapt across the board!

To start, print the invocations and the worksheets. It would also help to have the card spread printed or at least on your screen so you can follow along. You have two options for the spirit vocabulary in this portal, or you can be a tarot-star and do them both! THERE ARE NO HAVE TO’S SO DON’T SHOULD ON YOU!

Below is video number two. It is just under 24 minutes so give yourself time and space to listen, or play it in the car when you are on the go, and revisit later if that feels good. No rules! 

Remember the GOLDEN RULE throughout … there is no rule! If it feels good to you, it is! 


The purpose of invocations is to set the intention and give thanks,  so don’t only read the words. I suggest the opening invocation be done before a connection, after grounding, and during your intention setting. The closing is said at the end of a connection.  Also, keep it positive. Instead of saying I need to see this message, try, I am thankful for you helping to see this message. Support the invocation while visioning the message. Use your sight by truly holding the vision of what the invocation is describing. If it is a grounding cord, see that grounding cord in your minds eye.

Spirit Vocabulary

Please don’t be tempted to skip this! I know I always wanted to, but the more I committed, the stronger I became. If you liked the way this felt in the last portal, the below button will take you to that same format.

I also invite you to try an additional way to build your spirit vocabulary, using the worksheet and recording below. This will help you uncover signs, symbols and visions. There are instructions on the worksheet.

The Fire Suit

The fire suit is an exciting and passionate one. It represents igniting, creativity, deep desires, and can reveal a lot of information around purpose. This set of these minor arcana cards helps us to see what someones motivations are, or perhaps where they may be lacking. There is a focus on the spiritual level of consciousness here, and will show you what is deeply important.  These fiery cards can also help you to look into energy levels both internally and externally. They are capable of providing keen sight into what makes you tick. A suit of passion, creativity, and purpose.


The clair of focus is clairvoyance. Information coming to you as clear sight, visions, or in dreams (day or night).  My hope is that you are practicing this clairvoyance throughout this portal. No matter what clair you feel may be your strength, all of them can be developed and that is what I want to encourage you to do. 

card spread: Light My Fire 

From here on out in level one, you will experience my own original card spreads. This one will help you receive stellar information regarding your passion, drive, and help to identify blocks that may be slowing you from following your truth north star. You are ready to shine, so c’mon baby light your own fire!! The demonstration of this spread is at about the 16 minute mark in the video above. 

Muscle Testing

I invite you to try muscle testing! If you doubt yourself in a connection, use it. If you could use confirmation with a yes or no, use it. If you want to attempt to play with numbers and very loose forecasting (of course letting people know timing is the most inaccurate thing we can give in a connection because there is always free will and choice), try it! HAVE FUN with this. The second you become frustrated, stop. Listen to the explanation in the video to the right. You will be able to see how you can easily apply this to the work here!

Meet Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel; an Archangel dedicated to conception including helping you give birth to your dreams, living your I AM presence, and guiding you toward purposeful opportunities. I chose to introduce Archangel Gabriel in this portal as Radleigh Valentine correlates the wands or fire suit to her in the Archangel Power Tarot Deck. So if you are working with that deck by chance, you will have added insight! Now I refer to her as a her. She is feminine to me. Keep in mind however spirit and angels don’t do gender. That’s a human thing! If she wants to appear masculine to you, it is very right and true. Listen to the meditation, review the notes, and have fun with her sensational feeling!