Angel Tarot Portal VI

Portal VI: Merging the Love

Welcome into the final portal of Level I. This journey is one of growth and all love. I am so proud of you, and I hope you are celebrating yourself! 

Remember the GOLDEN RULE throughout … there is no rule! If it feels good to you, it is! 


The invocation here is going to be the one that you create yourself. You have seen several before this portal, and this should come fairly natural to you. If you find yourself in any bit of struggle with this, most likely you are in your ego. Stop, breathe, meditate, and try again. Write your invocation from a clear mind, clear heart, and in clear intention. Your invocations should include the following:

  • Your spirit team or angel you are working with

  • What you are thankful for (keep it in positive intention)

  • Emphasis on the clair(s) you are using / how you are receiving your information

  • Gratitude for removing lower debris

  • Most importantly … love

Spirit Vocabulary

Over the last five portals you have built your own spirit vocabulary. In doing so, you have realized which clairs were stronger than others, and are creating a strong language with spirit. To both honor this vocabulary, and reflect on it, complete the spirit vocabulary in the link below. You will enter your top 15 vocab words. This can be any way. It might be a color, a feeling, a word you hear, a smell, a taste, a knowing, etc. Then you will write next to it, how that information came to you; through what clair. Record it here, and submit this with your final work for this portal. If you don’t have a way to print it, complete it, and scan it to send back, you can type out the information in your email. 

card spread: YOURS!

For the final portal, please create your own card spread. IF YOU ARE APPRENTICING, PLEASE SUBMIT THAT WITH YOUR HOMEWORK. Please apply the following: 

  • The spread must have a minimum of 7 cards, maximum of 10.

  • Be specific, and not too general. Create a spread that will help with a specific issues, situation, or conflict.

  • This doesn’t have to look fancy. You can do this on a computer program, or you can draw it and take a picture of this with your iPhone. While I always stress the importance of presentation, you will not be graded on the presentation or how this looks

  • Have fun with this! The more you can laugh through the process, the more love infused in it, and ultimately the easier it will be for you to remember. Don’t be afraid to be silly, and most importantly be you.

While reading the next two sections, please remember the golden rule; there is no rule. Coming up with a way to interpret jumper cards and upside down cards will reveal a whole new layer to your connections will provide the opportunity to go even deeper with your intuitive insights.

Jumper Cards

Jumper cards are cards that literally jump out of the deck when you are shuffling.

There are various ways to interpret these and following are three popular ways:

  1. Ask the person you are reading for what they were thinking about at the time the card jumped, and this message is for that specific inquiry.

  2. The jumper card may address another inquiry in the sub-concious of the person you are reading for.

  3. A cautionary message (which I personally just don’t do anything fear based).

In my experience these cards hold significant meaning for me, and for the person I am reading for. There is always a message. Having said that, that is my intention around these cards, and my team knows that. You can come up with your intention around those too, or adopt mine. As long as it feels good to you it is. 

Upside Down Cards

Upside down or reverse cards, are cards that appear in a card spread upside down when you flip them. Some people set no intention around them and pay them no further mind. Others give them meaning. Following are four popular ways reversed cards are used:

  1. There may be an issue that the person you are connecting for has been internalized. For example, the first card in the deck is all about starting a new journey. If it appears upside down, perhaps the person you are reading for has an internal fear or block of doing that.

  2. The issue or topic the card is addressing is bringing up blocks, similar to the way card two acts in the Celtic Cross spread. For example, if the nine of earth appears bringing us a message of self-employment, upside down it may actually be advising not to go through with that right now.

  3. There is an imbalance of energy with either too much or too little happening for the person you are reading for. As an example, the 19th card in the Major Arcana reminds us to have more confidence. Upside down, it may mean someone is overly confident.

For me, often times they will literally mean the reverse meaning of the card. It is up to me, and you as the person literally reading the cards, to interpret what the connection means for you. To come up with a system takes trial and error, practice and you committing to your spirit team which method to use.

Meet Archangel Azrael

As we finish the final portal of level one, give yourself credit and take pride in all that you have accomplished. You have wrapped up the first level beautifully, and I am delighted to invite Archangel Azrael come forward and assist us with this final portal. I trust you will see why his eagerness to be introduced in this portal is so synchronistic. He is a delightful Archangel who will help you not only reach completion, but also move forward to the new should you choose. This is synchronisitc with the events of this course. He will help you to see if level one was enough, or if your spirit is ready to soar do new heights and become certified in this work.