Angel Tarot Portal I

Portal I: The Major Arcana

Welcome to portal one!! I am delighted for you to dive in, and begin the journey! 

In each portal you will receive new handouts, videos, and meditations you can download. I recommend printing both the invocations and spirit vocabulary before watching. You will definitely want the spirit vocabulary worksheet printed when you listen to the Major Arcana Journey below. 

There are a total of six videos in the first portal, and it will take you anywhere from one to two hours to complete portal one. Tip, using your headphones will amplify the sound of videos and meditations. 

Please know this is the busiest portal and you don’t have to do it all in one sitting! The videos may take a moment to load on some browsers). 

Remember the GOLDEN RULE throughout … there is no rule! If it feels good to you, it is! 


This is the first of five opening and closing invocations you will receive in this course. (The sixth you will be crafting and submitting on your own!)

I suggest the opening invocation be done after you ground, and during your intention setting before a connection. The closing is said at the end of a connection.

The important part of this intention setting process is to keep the invocations uplifted, positive, and in thanks! No I wants or I needs! Always use I am thankful for, or thank you for, or I send infinite appreciation for. Your spirit team and angels LOVE a grateful heart! Always start your sessions with an opening invocation, and end them with a closing.

The Major Arcana

The first download button under the video  is a rundown of the Major Arcana, the first 22 cards in the deck. You can print this to have with you, and it is also gone through in the recording below. 

Before you go through the recording, be sure your major arcana cards are in numeric order. Look at each of the cards, take in their imaging, and notice what captures your attention. 


Spirit Vocabulary

This is an important part of the process. You may be tempted to skip it. While I strongly encourage you not to get stuck here, don’t skip it entirely. This helps to build your personal vocabulary with spirit. 

As you go through this list, QUICKLY write down THE FIRST thing that comes to your mind.

For example, if you see the word horse, you may immediately think fast, suggesting things may move quickly. Then when your eye goes to that horse in your next connection, you know that situation may move quickly. 

Colors, symbols, and signs are interpreted how you need them to be interpreted, and this helps build that. 


In this portal, the clair of focus in claircognizance. A clear knowing of information coming through.  Download the sheet in the button below, explore how the knowing shows up within you, and use the development suggestions to practice. 

card spread: the celtic cross

The Celtic Cross card spread is one of the oldest and most popular spreads for reading oracle and tarot cards. The layout is simple, but powerful! It has been used for years by so many, which has created a super charged energy of intent.

You will notice the pattern of cards on the left side of the spread look like a circle around a cross. This powerful yet feminine, symbolism of the circle and cross represent the joining of spirit and matter.

The straight up and down staff shape to the right of the spread, bring in masculine energy. When you look at it as a whole, honor that these two parts mirror the duality, and come together in completion. Cool stuff! 

Meet Archangel Michael

If you would like to get to know angels, you have come to the right place. It is a true pleasure and honor to introduce you to the Archangels I know well. This is a safe place to explore and learn.

I can talk all day about my angel stories and experiences, but the truest learning starts right in your own heart. That is why you will be meeting a new Archangel in each portal. Experience how they look, sound, feel, and sense to you. 

In this portal, I am elated to introduce you to my main man and gatekeeper, Archangel Michael. It is only appropriate to introduce him first, as he was the very first angel to come to me. He is my parent Archangel (you too have at least one who has been with you since birth). I should have known it was him; Michael was always such a prevalent name in my childhood, and my first few boyfriends even had Michael in their name! He was always subtly telling me he was near, but it took me a while to catch on. 

I encourage you you to listen to the meditation first, before you review the notes. THEN compare your experience to the notes. You may find yourself surprised at how spot on your experience is, or how very different the color, sensation, or sign is. And that is perfect! Enjoy!


Before you dive into connecting for others, please watch these 3 tips in 3 minutes. Press play to the right!

(Fun fact: see if you can spot the fluttery little energy at 4-6 seconds at the very beginning of this video!)