Angel Tarot Portal IV

Portal IV: The Air, Swords, Michael Suit

Hey there, c’mon in! Welcome to portal four; the air, swords, Michael suit, and to keep it easy, I will be referring to it as air. 

My face to the right, pretty much sums up how some people feel about this suit, BUT they totally have the wrong idea. It is a wonderful suit full of not only important and impactful information, it is super helpful.

If you like having the paperwork handy when watching the video, then do so now. Let’s get to hearing all about this suit! 


Remember the GOLDEN RULE throughout … there is no rule! If it feels good to you, it is! 


The invocations are focused on practicing clairaudience. Pay attention to the words you may hear while you are setting your intention. You may hear a word referencing a conflict the person you are connecting for may have, or perhaps you hear a name that may give you assistance to who the conflict may be with. When I was first building clairaudience, I would hear music, specific songs, or various names. If you hear what you think may be an angel name, remember you can advise someone which angel to work with for certain issues, but I never advise naming someone’s angels for them.

Spirit Vocabulary

The first download below is the traditional way of doing spirit vocabulary. This was the way that worked for me. If this doesn’t feel fitting, move forward with the second option. Or do both! 

Print the download, and play the recording while you fill it out. A second opportunity to feel here. Feel into the answers that you are receiving, and write two words describing: where you feel it, and what. Example: gratitude: heart – tingling.

The Air Suit

The air suit is one that is dreaded by so many, and I personally don’t get it. I love this suit and have a lot of appreciation for it. It brings forward messages of the mind and analytical thought. It helps us to dig deep into that negative self talk or as I always call it, the itty bitty shi**y committee! It can hold the energy of disagreements, conflicts, and challenges which is why some cringe when they see it. Keep in mind it is only through the shadow we can see the light, so this suit is a gift in so many ways! It can help you guide someone to find the imbalance in the thought form, and regain self-love.


The clair of focus is clairaudience, which is hearing information; sounds, names, music, overhearing a conversation, repetitive advice, or ringing in your ear. It is information that comes through sound. 

Two spreads In This Portal …

#1 Itty Bitty Shi**y Committee 

This is a fun spread that defines exactly what the title says!

You will get the it factor, the bittyness of it all, the …. um …. physical or health component, and what the committee can do to help moving forward! 

And don’t judge! Remember there are no rules. Sometimes I have to use potty humor to remember spreads like this, and that is okay if you do too. Guaranteed you won’t for get this one!

#2 Check Your Ego Amigo

This is a spread will give you insight into thought patterns, help build a positive affirmation for forward movement. and help you to see what direction energy is headed. 

This spread is done with two piles of cards; one pile with the air suit, and one pile with the Major Arcana. The final card is pulled with both piles.

I clear the cards in separate piles before I begin. Have fun!

Heart Center Sacred Space

If you are open to learning a little Feng Shui, this is a great tip for you to set the tone in your home, and set an intention in this space. If the center of your home is not currently a sacred space, make it one!

If you are interested in diving a bit deeper in understanding the conversation on the 5 elements of Feng Shui, take a glance at this explanation so you know what I am talking about in the video to the right. This is a really awesome tip, and can shift things in your life pretty immediately. Enjoy!

Meet Archangel Ambriel

Archangel Ambriel is a love, love, love! Now if you are using the Archangel Power Tarot by Radleigh Valentine, you know the suit of focus correlates to Archangel Michael. I chose to introduce Archangel Ambriel in the container in portal, because in my experience, she has shown up as the feminine aspect of Archangel Michael. I want you to experience her on your own, so I won’t say too much, but I am oh so curious how she will speak to you, and I can’t wait to hear about your experience with her.