Angel Tarot Portal V

Portal V: The Earth, Pentacle, Ariel Suit

You should be over the moon beyond proud of yourself! You are in portal five and in the home stretch!! AWESOME job! In this portal we are studying the earth, pentacle, and Ariel suit. I will be referring to it as earth. 

If you like having the paperwork handy when watching the video, then do so now. 

Remember the GOLDEN RULE throughout … there is no rule! If it feels good to you, it is! 


You may notice how all of the invocations have been slightly different, but very similar. That has been on purpose, and on point, to help you build your own in the next portal. They have varied based on the clair of practice. The invocations here are focused on practicing clairgustance (taste) and clairscent (smell). While these two clairs are not common, or may not come easily, still have fun playing with it. Keep in mind these don’t necessarily have to come in during a connection. While that is very likely, it is also possible that it can happen before a connection. Often times I will smell something that will relate to a connection I am soon to have (usually within 24 hours.)

Spirit Vocabulary

The first download below is the traditional way of doing spirit vocabulary. This was the way that worked for me. If this doesn’t feel fitting, move forward with the second option. Or do both! 

Same drill! Print the download, and fill this out however you see fit. You may want to write down images, feelings, or knowings. 

The Earth Suit

The earth suit is the one suit that is not associated with mainly internal factors. It holds the energy and messaging to many external factors such as money, property, and other material possessions. The positive aspects of this suit include manifestation and prosperity, while the negative can be focused on situations like scarcity and greed.  This suit deals with outer situations of health, self-image, work, and finances. While it can be a call for working with your relationship with money or creating a health regimen, it is also a call for taking care of our mother earth. That is one of my favorite aspects of the earth suit. These cards hold very practical and down to earth messaging.

Clairgustance and Clairscent

In this portal, there are two clairs of focus is clairgustance (clear taste) and clairscent (clear smelling). Both are unique and not as commonly experienced as the others practiced so far, but they can both be developed, and hopefully you find that comes quite easily. 


card spread: Money Honey!

This is a spread that helps you to look at your current financial situation, emotional blocks, and the converation you are having with money currently. This is a good spread for someone wanting to improve their money situation. 


Using Your Body as a Pendulum

Two portals ago you learned about muscle testing, in the last portal you learned about the pendulum, and in this portal, you combine the two! 



Meet Archangel Ariel

Archangel Ariel is the perfect Archangel to help us along with the suit of earth or pentacle for many reasons. I am holding a solid intention that you will easily experience her energy, and understand why her introduction is so timely. I never want to influence your experience, so I invite you to press play, and journey with her now.