We all experience situations, events, and people that we consider “draining,” “toxic,” or that simply do not support our very highest good. Perhaps you don’t feel your best around certain people because they are always complaining, or perhaps you have a hard time being in situations where there are a lot of people in one place. This is especially true if you are highly sensitive to energies around you, or are considered an empath (feel everything emotionally around you to an extreme).

Either way I am very glad you are here! Not only is it really important for you to know there are ways for you to feel better on a daily basis given any of the above mentioned circumstance, it is also really important for you to know exactly what not to do.

On social media sites, in the angel circles I lead, and in one on one sessions, I am hearing people say, “I just need to shield myself from __________.” Firstly, stop saying just. That word means barely, and we are not here to “barely” do anything. Live bigger, play bigger! Secondly, and hear this loud, you don’t need a shield! You don’t need protection! Why? Because you are the best at what you do, and nothing is more powerful than you. Period.

We are literally all connected in one body of energy. Call it what you want; God, source, the universe. I love how my friend Meg Berry describes this; metaphorically speaking, God is like the grandious ocean, and we are one droplet of water in that ocean. 

So we are all the same, and nothing or no one is more powerful than you. Simply get in the vibration of oneness and experiencing all that is.

When you create a “shield” around you, or vision a “protective bubble,” you go into a vibrational space that is shouting to the universe, “I need protection from (insert person, place, or thing).” No you don’t. So stop doing it. Your feeling creates your reality and the space around you. If you keep feeling drained and like you need protection, then you will.

Instead, try the technique in this meditation below. You are simply creating an energy space of letting only love in. Vibrationally, this is different from taking the stance in, “I need a shield,” or “give me protection.” This is simply guiding you to a place of empowerment in that you get to say what comes in, and that is only love. See yourself surrounded by a bright, source light, and in control of what goes out and comes in. You get a say!

You don’t need a shield! You are not living in medieval times, or needing to protect blows from your enemies. When you radiate and vibrate love, the rest falls into place. Put down your weapon, and stand in love with me.

Try it out and let me know how it goes! I would love to hear how it feels for you. For me, I feel lighter, have a fuller heart, and can continue my day no matter the people I come across, because I only let love in. If guided meditation isn’t necessarily your thing, I would love to know what you do that does help. Share with me here or on Facebook, I always love to hear from you!