Remove, reflect or renew? What is calling to you??

The new moon in Sagittarius is next Monday (we’ll get into setting goals and knowing next week), and this week I am inviting you to prep for that!

It’s all about reflecting on what you might be starting to search for. (Keep in mind whatever it is we are seeking, we already have by the way – it’s just a matter of shifting).

So in preparation to work with our greater goals, missions, or life philosophies, is to sit with if you are feeling called to create space, reflect and be in silence, or start to power forward!

I myself am reflecting and prepping for the next steps in my own life for a NEW fresh start with Ignite Your Intuition next weekend.

Part of my life’s mission is to help fellow worrywarts of the world use their intuition to transform their fear into creative energy so that they can turn their ideas into action and live a life full of meaning.

(Because) I have experienced how pain and dis-ease can keep us in a rat race for longer than necessary.

There is nothing “new age” about any of it. This is aged old wisdom.

If you are ready to supercharge your intuition, push through nervous energy, and learn to move beyond the messages of the cards, join me this weekend, 12/12 at 11 AM CST, for Ignite Your Intuition Advanced Intensive.

We will be covering chakras, angels, emotion work, bodywork, breath work, and dream work!

Message me at info@ginanicole.net for more information and/or CHECK IT OUT VIA THIS LINK!



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