Angel Message Monday: Let go with the last quarter moon!

Today is the last quarter moon, which makes this day, AND THIS WEEK, a perfect time to think about what we are letting go of.

Because it is a lat quarter moon in Gemini, we can honor the phase by …

  • Leaning into curiosity

  • Assess your ideas and let go of what doesn’t light you up

  • Chat and communicate then assess how you feel about what came up

  • Learn something new that may help direct you in a new way

  • Declutter your books or old journals


Press play below and let’s see how else you might be supported today! XO

TOMORROW specifically, you can join InTUition TUesday with Yvonne Côté, Angel Intuitive, and me at 3:45 PM CST, inside The Frequency Key Facebook Group! We are talking angels and intuition and it’s going to be an interactive chat!

I will also be there for Wondering Wisdom Wednesday, Tarot Time Thursday, and Feng Shui Friday this week! Maybe I will see you there!

P.S. Below the video, I share my latest muscle testing and pendulum workshop, which is info-packed, along with two new articles I wrote! If they help you, it helps me if you commend and “heart” them! I love to hear from you! XO



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