Angel Message Monday: Let go and let it flow!


What are you letting go of to make more room for?

That is what is up this week, and Saturday is a big clearing-out day. Can you schedule time for some decluttering?

It’s a fitting week to use the home for reflection; cook, clean, get in the garden if the weather allows, and if you are in the US, observe Thanksgiving and all that comes along with it, even the triggers.

Watch your emotions and look at what they are telling you to do.

If forgiveness is up (and especially if you choose the card in Angel Message Monday that highlights it), do forgiveness work. I am sharing my tried and true one right down below.

If you are feeling down and confused, remember you were created from the greatest power of all; love. Use that power to shift perspective so that the brain rewires to feel good, and the feelings actually do feel good.

Finally, if you are someone who is going to be in a group on Thanksgiving this week, use any triggers, feedbacks, and emotional situations to learn. They are all happening for us.

If you do celebrate Thanksgiving, may it be peaceful.

Now … onward to Angel Message Monday!




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