Angel Message Monday: Are you sensitive?

Are you a knower or a feeler? Or maybe could benefit from some clearing?!

Press play, and let’s find out!

I didn’t mention this in the video, but if parenting and connecting with your kiddos right now is a thing that is up for you, I have the perfect guest to share with you THIS NEXT THURSDAY at 11 AM CST, in THE FREQUENCY KEY Facebook group. You will LOVE MJ who was once known as Nanny 911 of St. Louis!

Finally, if you want to dive deeper and do more, Wednesday I have four spaces left in my Angel Circle, and Friday is another prayer and energy share. All links are below! XO



2 thoughts on “Angel Message Monday: Are you sensitive?”

    1. HA! I had fun with that one today! I actually never remember what I say, so I rewatch them all of the time, and I that was 1/2 of my choice too, and I laughed at myself! Love you, Paula!

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