The first Angel Message Monday of 2021!

As we begin a New Year, we are still prepping for the end of a lunar year.

Can you feel that? There is indeed one beginning, but yet still an ending approaching!

If you are sensitive to the moon cycles and the earth, it’s a dynamic time!

If you are someone who likes to celebrate the lunar New Year .. stay tuned, as I have a gift coming to you!

For now … here is the rundown:

Monday and Tuesday this week: Waning Gibbous Moon (reflect in gratitude and appreciation, then share that)

Wednesday: Last Quarter Moon (declutter, releasing, purification – members do your triple grid clearings)

Thursday onward until the New Moon next week: Waning Crescent Moon (rest, restore, reflect)

Onward and upward. May you have a delightful start to 2021. XO



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