Your future self is calling …

… and has a message for you! Press play below and listen to it!

This was me five years ago. I can feel the thoughts and fears swirling in her head when I think back … boy don’t I wish I would have listened to her wisdom MUCH SOONER!! Listen to yours!!!

If you have a hard time connecting to that you in your future, try my future self mediation below!

Finally, if you love this stuff as much as I, ACTIVATE YOUR INTUITION with me In September. I am doing a beta class for a small group of people. If you are interested in staying up to date on that, enter your deets via the button below, and I’ll be in touch!

Gina Nicole, Intuitive Mentor & Feng Shui Practitioner



6 thoughts on “Your future self is calling …”

    1. ROSINA!! I love being connected with you all the way in Uruguay! Big hugs back at you from the Midwest of Missouri! XOXOXO I am so glad it resonates, and if you do the meditation, I’d love to hear how it goes!

  1. You really can’t make this ish up! I chose the third altar and, as always, messaging was spot on! Especially considering all the work we just did! Thank you! Big loves to you!

  2. You are amazing and incredible! 🙂 I was smiling from ear to ear as you were speaking, so right on! I pulled a king of earth this morning prior to this 🙂

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