Angel Message Monday: Harvest Full Moon TODAY!

Today at 6:54 PM CST, is the peak of the Full Moon.

As with every full moon, this one has a name based on the month and season it’s blessing us. The full moon closest to the Autumn Equinox is known as the Harvest Full Moon. Every few years, the Harvest Full Moon lands in October, but this year, it’s upon us now!

All full moons are a time to reflect on our path and celebrate how far we have come. We can then let go of what is not serving and what is standing in our way to continue optimal growth!

One way we can deepen this process is by incorporating the moon sign. This Full Moon is in Pisces, so we can look back to the Pisces New Moon on March 13th, 2021, and see what intentions we set and how they are unfolding. Even if we didn’t formally do so, it doesn’t matter. We can quickly assess what thoughts were coming up, what feelings we were experiencing, and what we were focusing on by reviewing our calendars, journals, or even photo log.

It was a time to consider how we:

  • wanted to create

  • balance our emotion

  • use our intuition

  • connect with children

  • act out from our insecurities

  • serve in this world

  • channel our energy

Whatever was coming up then is a chance to realign now.

As I have been diving into my celebration and gratitude work with the energy of this moon, an ABC theme keeps coming to me. It’s helping me to assess where I am releasing and realigning!

You can check it out A-H here! And may today’s Angel Message help! XO



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Angel Message Monday: Harvest Full Moon TODAY!”

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