Angel Message Monday: Valentines Week & Full Moon, Love & Purpose Activation


Leo Full Moon is this Wednesday; a time to focus on our creative center, shedding fear to shine and raising our vibration as we share in love.

I have been doing some deeper learning into loving compassion and exploring how to listen to what brings me joy and what feels playful in every moment. This is the energy of this Full Moon.

Here are some things to focus on …

  • walk away when things become frustrating

  • feel heavy aspects in the body soften, as you listen to their message

  • remember nothing is permanent

  • laugh

  • do laughing yoga

  • use a different lens that will help see things more playfully

  • be with friends

  • create

  • do what brings you joy

  • watch a comedy

For a deeper dive into this, click the link below to read a full article., Valentines Week & Full Moon: 5 Emotions to Pay Attention to for Love & Purpose Activation.

Overall, remember that service and purpose often go hand in hand with JOY. When we follow one, we reach the other! That is the power of this full moon.

Now onward to Angel Message Monday below to help you maximize the energy of the week! XO May it be fun, playful, and full of shine!




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