Angel Message Monday: Full Moon in Aquarius (two of two)!

The Aquarius Full Moon is Friday the 22nd at 7:01 AM CST, and is also a seasonal Blue Moon, which we won’t see again for a while.

A blue moon is also known as a betrayer moon (an outcast that didn’t fit in a 12-month cycle, and is a fourth full moon this season). According to NASA, it happens about once every 2.5 years, hence the term “once in a blue moon.” 

Fun fact, the moon will not actually be the color blue.

Things to observe at this time:

  • Things are likely to test us

  • People have no filters

  • Potent issues will most likely be revealed

  • Deep insight may come with those challenges

It sounds like fun, right?!

It can be with a bit of loving intention, and by using the days of the week in combination with the planetary energies. 

I am sharing a suggested agenda for the week leading up to this Aquarius Blue Moon. If you feel called, join me! I’d love to hear how it goes. You can find the rundown here: Aquarius Full Moon: Things to Observe & Day to Day Agenda for the Week {August 2021}



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