A CREATIVE Angel Message Monday to help you access your Feminine qualities.

Whether you identify as a womxn or man, we all have feminine qualities within.

This month in the membership, we are focusing on that, and it aligns with the current creative energy cycling through.

Strong feminine energy is …

⟣ Open
⟣ Compassionate
⟣ Flexible
⟣ Grounded
⟣ In the flow
⟣ Authentic
⟣ Intuitive
⟣ Playful
⟣ Expressive
⟣ Asking for what is needed

One of the people who inspire the feminine qualities within me is FRIDA KAHLO!


⟣ She created from her truth
⟣ Her intuition told her who her husband would be in her early years
⟣ Her work grounded ‘Roots’ set the record for a Latin American Piece of Art
⟣ She is known as the master of Self-Portraits
⟣ She defied gender stereotypes
⟣ She was openly bisexual
⟣ She painted REAL events, people, and truths
⟣ She dove into her authenticity and let her truth shine

Today we are digging into gaining more inspiration in these areas for us all. What feminine qualities may be calling to you?

We are using THREE (the number of creativity); three decks, three choices, three messages.

Ready to dive in?! Click here for Angel Message Monday and let me know how it resonates!

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Huge Love!



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